Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Well we got home at about half four this afternoon, left Cairnryan at 0700 and took the new Stena ferry across to Belfast its a nice ship and it was a calm passage. The bed and breakfast place we stayed in (Lake View) was nice and good value but the pillows let it down as a lot of these places do.

There was no snow in Ireland just a bit of the wet stuff and the temps are about 7C.

The budget was just released and its a lot better than I was expecting, the tax rate stays the same at least. Of course with any austerity budget there are a lot of whingers but that is to expected and I didnt hear any alternative ways to pay back the huge loan the country has.

Tomorrow Angie is away to London for a course and she gets back on Saturday so I will be on my tod again, she has had lots of travelling this last few weeks but is getting an offsider in the UK soon so hopefully she wont have to be over there as much.

Gus got a doo at the kennel so is smelling sweet and looks like a showdog, he didnt eat his dinner so I guess he has been eating Jessies as she was starving.
My Dad gave me a scythe so hopefully it will be dry enough to give it a test drive tomorrow.

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