Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nearly time for Santa

Well its almost Christmas again, I hope all my avid readers have a very merry one and a great new year of course I shall be sharing my euro lotto millions win with you all, when I win. Just to give you an idea of just how much fun it is here in Derrykyle I took a photo of John which says it all

Actually I have been quite busy, I cooked the ham today with a mustard and honey glaze, made individual trifles as I'm the only person that wanted sherry in mine lol droothy, I also made a cranberry sauce, devils on horseback and parboiled the spuds for roasting. I only have a small cooker in this house so was doing as much as possible today. The menu for Christmas lunch is scallops with blackpudding and apple followed by Gravlax which is a side of salmon that has been marinading in brown sugar, salt, chilli, tequila and the juice of a lemon since yesterday with 12kg of weights on it. Then main is turkey, ham, roast spuds, devils, red cabbage in cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts in bacon and shallots, bread sauce and gravy. Then I made trifle for desert.
After eating that I should imagine John might look like this

Last Christmas the dogs got far too much leftovers and Gus had a wee accident which wasnt nice to find on boxing day with a wee bit of a hangover.

What was that !!!!! thought I heard a sleigh bell in the distance, better got hang my stocking up and hope theres an ipad in it tomorrow ehh.

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