Friday, December 23, 2011

26C warmer than this time last year

Well last year the country was freezing in minus 14C while today it was about 12C mind you last year it was great dry sunny days and this winter has been windy and wet. Today I cut down a tree that was dead and leaning on another and there are a couple of logs off it on the fire tonight and we exposed more of a huge boulder infront of the house, it had fuchia and various weeds growing over it and it quite a feature now I call it Ularu.

Having a steak on the barbi tonight with new spuds, onions and cauliflower cheese, the weber gas barbi came with us from Sydney and it gets a fair bit of use here as it has a lid and cooks like an oven if required so it doesnt matter if its raining.

Got an electric blanket for the spare bed so my next chore is to strip the bed, wash the bedclothes and put the new blanket on it, I think John may be coming up tomorrow for a few days. We popped in for a beer on the way back from the shops and had a chat with Aodhan the owner. There is music on there a fair bit over the hols and good craic.

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