Friday, December 30, 2011

A thick white blanket settled gently on the seaside town of Cleveleys near Blackpool on Wednesday, but this was no seasonal dusting of snow from above.
The Environment Agency dispatched officers to Princess Promenade to gather evidence as gobs of foam blew in from the sea and smothered streets, cars and houses. The foam is whipped up by strong winds once or twice a year along the town’s seafront and vanishes soon after, a spokeswoman for the agency told the Guardian.
Lab tests on samples collected in earlier years have found no signs of pollution. Decomposing algae is the prime suspect for the mysterious lather.“It appears to be naturally occurring. When the tides and winds combine to churn dead algal matter up from the bottom of the sea, it produces this foam, which is quite dramatic,” the spokeswoman said.

It was quite a year ehh, I started to buy a house here and moved in, seems like months, hmm it is, since the move, and the money is still in our bank instead of theirs. I have this nightmare they phone up and say the house is off the market and we have to move. The Queen and the US president with the name that sounds like a terrorist visited Ireland. The Arab world imploded starting in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Lybia, the Ivory Coast, Yemen, and Syria, with leaders deposed and regimes broken. The euro zone is in crisis, a fun time to decide to move cash to Euros with weekly massive shifts in currency values. There was a huge Tsunami in Japan, mudslides in Rio, severe flooding in Thailand and Pakistan, And the Philipeans had a tropical storm that killed thousands. William and Cathrine got hitched, bin laden was killed and Samoa decided to lose a day this year so it could have fireworks earlier come New Year. Hopefully 2012 will have fewer disasters, the house sale will go through, so I can start improvements to the house, the Eurozone sorts itself out and things start to improve here and everyone I know has a healthy happy year.

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