Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well this is my first post of the new year and the best thing is no hangover today this is probably the most chirpy I have been on New Years morning ever, well apart from 2002 when I was rolling around Bass Straight on a tugboat.

New years resolutions this year are to lose some weight and get my business up and running. I have a load of other things to do but they aren't really in the resolutions basket. I,m thinking of going to school to do an Irish course as its really the predominant language here.

It's not a bad morning here with sunny intervals and Gus is looking longingly out over the bog to the river, he is obsessed with water. I have to carve a deers head out of wood to mount a pair of antlers on, so I,m debating the best way to do it and I picked up a couple of round stones yesterday at the beach so am going to paint them like animals, maybe a mouse and a hedgehog.

Today we have prawns as a starter and roast beef with the trimmings for dinner.

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