Sunday, April 13, 2014

You can see the house from the road

Here are some pics looking from the road now, I,m not quite finished, maybe two days more cutting and shifting wood and another few levelling with soil and it should be fine. A couple of bushes will help and a nice hedge along the wall line I recon. Hopefully all this work will have added to the place, I liked the seclusion before but all the trees were scruffy and after they came down in the gales there was no other option but to cut the whole lot down as the others would just have blown and given me the same dramas with no electricity/ phone/ internet or water again, lol and I would have pulled the rest of my hair out.

This week was hard work keeping the ground clear between felling of trees but it has worked out less work in the long run as there is nothing harder that clearing trees that have fallen on top of each other you have to climb between logs and branches are trapped below other heavy timber etc so it takes 5 times as long to do the job. Anyway the rest of the trees that need chopped do not have to be done in a hurry and I will do them at my pleasure.

Have been walking twenty mins a day on the road as part of the heel rehab and am finding it easier now, mind you I have to go for the walk in the morning before I start work on the timber or it would not happen as I,m jiggered later.

Gus is covered in sap and sawdust so he is going to have lumps cut off his coat, Angie looked at getting an electric razor for grooming them but it is £70 and we were a bit short this month so its out with the scissors.

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