Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Itchy rash and a pulled muscle

I had an awful hot itchy all over rash the last couple of days kept me awake all night on Saturday night, I'm not sure what caused it but it must have been something I was burning in the garden, anyway it seems to be better today and hopefully wont come back tonight, also went and pulled a muscle in my back which is making it uncomfortable.

Took the last two days off from wood clearing,  yesterday cleaned the yacht down so I can put her back in the water.  My muscle pull is worse if anything this morning even coughing has me grimacing here. I managed to have a walk around the garden and took a few pictures right enough and am looking for old ones to compare them with.

You can see how thinned out the trees to the North of the house were with the gales this winter, hopefully the midgies will be fewer too.

Above is about half of one tree, which I still need to chop and stack up somewhere, I have been giving a lot of wood away for a helping hand clearing up which has worked out well.
The tree man is coming back at the end of this week to fell four more big trees at the front of the house and two that are hanging and put his saw through some big stumps for me, I was hoping to log the tree as he dropped it but if I am still sore it will have to wait.

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