Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monthly physio visit

Well I had my monthly visit to the physio this morning and she gave me new exercises including the hamstring stretch, Jump up and down, Hop on injured leg, continue my walking for 30 mins, and up and down tiptoe on injured leg only. I mentioned to her that the tip toe exercises were sore on my big toe and that I had had gout in it previously and that my ribs were hurting jumping up and down and that my elbow was sore doing the tiptoe on one foot as I have to lean on a windowsill she said "Your about fit for the knackers ehh"  sympathetic B**ch.

Anyway today is damp for a change so I am doing some website work, the mines at Glengowla have me look after their website and I am making it mobile friendly, basically what this involves is if a visitor is using a browser with screen size less than 690 pixels they are diverted to a website that I have designed specially for the smaller screen size ( bigger link buttons, less images etc) automatically. I have done a deal rather than get paid for the work I will get another couple of loads of top soil for the front of the house for nothing.

The weather has been great for the last few weeks and I have been working away outside most of the time. I got donated a metal shed roof and guttering, which is going to be bolted onto my existing shed as a shelter for my wood pile so one of my next projects is preparing the site for that, it involves moving about a ton or so of logs elsewhere until it is erected then cementing two metal posts into the ground to support the outside edge.

The garden is looking good, started off with a pink display from the Camellia bush then a huge amount of daffodils this year, now they are dyeing off but my first Roddy is in bloom (White) and the bluebells are up all over, they seem to be more prolific too probably due to the extra daylight that is around due to the trees being chopped down and the needles burnt I suppose.

I haven't managed out for a sail yet because I have been that busy in the garden but will maybe get out soon. If anyone fancies buying me a wee 3 ton excavator I shan't say no, it would be realllyyyyy handy.

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