Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Physio and getting the berth ready

Well its not so nice today again, sort of drizzly old day, I had the physio this morning and as well as giving me new exercises for the heel she showed me some stretches that might help my back. I have to do this tiptoe thing now 10 times a day for ten reps and some stretches for the calf.

I took the boat down to the marina car park last night and will launch her at 1000 tomorrow morning on HW, going down shortly to put some fenders on my berth and set up some mooring lines that will stay there for the season. Yesterday was such a nice day it got me motivated but today is back to normal for Ireland.

I have a lot of seedlings sprouting in trays in the laundry and planted out sunflowers yesterday in tubs out the front, it will be interesting to see how they go. I put in beans, peas and carrots last week in the raised garden beds and also have courgettes, beetroot, parsnip and coriander in trays that will go out in the next few weeks. I havent cut the grass yet this year and am putting it off as it seems to grow faster after it has been cut the first time. I could do with a wee fly mow for the areas that are hard to get at with the big mower but unless I get one donated that will have to wait.

Still no telephone line or broadband I shall have to give them a call again to chase things up.

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