Friday, April 11, 2014

More logging

Well I spent the day logging again clearing the area for the tree surgeon to do his stuff again tomorrow, so my wee ankle is tired tonight. Angie was away for the last couple of days so she will see a difference no doubt when she gets home. Todays bonfire will probably be going for a couple of days as it looks as if we might be in for a fine spell.

The Eircom engineer came back today as the line had a crackle on it, he replaced an extension from the wall socket to the modem and went his merry way, of course he went and jiggered the internet as it requires a special splitter/ filter on the line so I have had to undo his work lol. You cant really expect Irish professionals to know anything about their jobs I suppose.

I wont get out sailing tomorrow as the trees take preference but after the guys go there is less rush so my poor wee foot will get a rest and I can do something else for a change.

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