Thursday, April 10, 2014

Big day on the croft

Well Alan the tree surgeon and his offsider were here all day yesterday and I worked alongside them cutting smaller stuff and the Eircom contractor arrived with a 3 ton excavator to bury the new telephone line along the roadside. I got the excavator driver to take out the huge stump and root ball near the front gate for a small donation to his beer fund so that has gone. Then the Eircom man himself arrived and got me back connected with the phone, the number is 091506962 now as I shall let the old number expire it was a skype out number that I got when we had satellite broadband and there is no sense of paying for two.

John is coming this morning and we aim to have another big bonfire to get rid of branches but it's raining at the moment and not the best weather for it. There are a lot of logs still to be cut to a size that can be lifted so we might do that instead.

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