Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yacht in for the season

Got the boat launched and round to her berth on Thursday and put her mast up and the sails on, on Friday and took the trailer back up to the house so she is ready to go, all I need now is some weather. Last night was wet and windy and its still dreich this morning so I wont be having my first sail today.

I have a pile of branches waiting to be cut so I might get into them today, I had the week off from chain sawing as I have a strained muscle in my back and was giving it a rest. Alan the tree surgeon is starting on Monday afternoon so the dogs will have to be kept away from them, I will probably take them for a swim and a run so they are not too ancy at being left out of the action. I am not sure how many days work there is for them but I should imagine at least three days.

The week coming does not look too bad weather wise and Friday might be the best day for a sail.

A malfunctioning automated bank machine has dispensed $37,000 in cash to a man who requested just $140.
Police in South Portland, Maine, responded to the TD Bank branch on Thursday morning after getting a call from a woman who said a man was spending an unusual amount of time at the ATM she was waiting to use. He should have asked her how much she was going to withdraw and given her twice that much.
Not sure if I won the lotto last night or not but if I did I have a lot of it spent already. One of the first things to do would be to take my Mom out for a really nice birthday dinner its her birthday on the 10th April.

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