Thursday, April 24, 2014

Great weather

Well we have been having a nice spell of weather here for the last couple of weeks or so, there were a few showers but most of them have been at night which means everything is growing like mad. Angie has this week off so has been helping me out in the garden, we have had two big bonfires over the last two days and may well have another today, it's all helping tidy up the place.

I managed to get most of the fallen tree out of the pond yesterday it just has one big log left in there which may have to stay. I am going over to a job in Monivea on Friday and will take Ron,s boat trailer back on my way there apart from that there is very little else happening, I went down for a pint last night but there were only two old bodachs in the pub and they were about as social as my front wall so I just had the one beer.

The local and EU elections are happening soon so we have a few councillors sneaking around trying to lie their way into jobs again, I ask all of them their views on the Irish energy issues and wind turbines and get them squirming.

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