Saturday, March 3, 2012

nice weather

Well I have had three nice days on the trot, things have dried out a bit and I got lots done. I have to make a fence to hide the sewage tank and a gully and cut a bit of bamboo down so am thinking how I might use it to make the fence. I made a fence before in Sydney of latice, it was a grooved wood frame that the latice slid into, I might see if I can get some this weekend and try inserting the bamboo in the groove. I also need to check out lawnmowers as the grass is starting to grow.

The weather looks like its going to change for the worse over the weekend, but I could do with a break anyway so will just have to do something different. I got Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 software which contains a host of programs including photoshop one of the images I had a play with was a pastel drawing I did of Captain Cooks landing place.

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