Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wooden spoon

Well Scotland won, the wooden spoon. Ireland lost as well to a rampant English team, not my weekend rugby wise. I went out for a couple of beers but it's not much craic on ones own so I didn't stay long.
Sheana is coming over for a few days next Sunday and she has a list of her favorite recipes that we have cooked before for her so I shall have to get stores in. Had a nice stir fry this evening with some fresh scallops I got yesterday from the scallop contact. The last ones we got Angie went and put the shells in the wee fridge and they ended up smelling something awful.

I have a couple of websites I,m working on and it won't be long till the house sale goes through so I shoul really tee up the window installer. I got a quote to have the Subaru commercialized as well so it should get done before April when the tax is due again. They have to remove the back seats and level off the floor as well as putting in metal in the back windows, sounds drastic but there's only two of us and the dogs and the ford has four seats if we have visitors. If I don't commercialize it it costs over two thousand every year in road tax.

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Di said...

Wish you had made it over here. We had a gig at an Irish friend's house, with her Belgian/French-speaking husband, my Belgian bloke, another Belgian friend, her Scottish (English born) husband, their kids, and then the kids of another Belgian couple. Watched the rugby but neither side really fired, then drank ...