Friday, March 9, 2012

hike through a bog

Well I had a walk down to the main road then up the river across a ford then across the bog and up the hill. Was a strenous walk and Gus decided it wasnt time to go home and that he would rather run back through the bog and go bark at the water like some sort of demented insane pain in the hon. Jessy and I walked home and got the car and by the time we got back he had decided to come. Needless to say I'm not impressed at my dog handling skills yet again. It would have been a nice walk apart for that.

I washed the walls in the spare bedroom and gave two of them a coat of paint, the existing paint is a sort of greenish yellow, which may have been very fashionable in 1970, but I have updated it with a sort of light tan colour. I'll do the other walls tomorrow. There is a crack in the ceiling in there that needs fixing too. Some of the ceilings I am going to have replastered. A lot of the rooms are papered so I think I shall invest in a wallpaper stripper steamer and maybe sell it on after I finish decorating. I wanted to give that bedroom a lift as we will have Sheana and my Mom an Dad, using it over the next few months.

Heading across to Dublin to watch Scotland V Ireland at rugby this weekend with my pal Mark, staying over Saturday night for a boys night out, and then back to Galway on Sunday to watch the second game England v France in the town. Should be good I hope Scotland play well.

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