Friday, March 16, 2012

green pints

Well we have had 6 dry days on the trot although the sun wasnt out for hardly any of that time it was still great to let things dry out a bit. I had a good weekend away in Dublin, wrong team won but being a Scotland supporter, I'm used to barracking for the runner up. I ended up going back to the hotel with a headache about 11pm but Mark managed till 0330 which was a good 13.5 hr session. We were out in the Temple Bar area of Dublin which is packed full of pubs and people, the pubs were ok but I get a bit claustraphobic in crowds to be honest. I should get myself a kilt.

This weekend is a biggy too, have Scotland v Italy, Ireland v England, and Wales v France and St Paddy thrown in to be sure. I think Angie has a four day weekend so I might take this oppertunity to designate her the driver on Saturday heheh. I painted the spare bedroom and the porch and the chimney breast in the lounge here. I stripped the wallpaper off first and the walls are in good condition which is handy as there is a lot of wallpaper in this house.

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