Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bush Fires

Well when we went to bed last night the hillside across from us was alight and at 0245 this morning I awoke to the acrid smell of burning, jumped out of bed and went outside to check my wee forest wasnt a heap of charchoal. Thankfully the burn hadnt crossed the river as everything is tinder dry here now. Absolutely amazing weather for March with temps in the 20's, hazy sunshine and a blood red sunset to round off the days. Sheana ans I have been gardening all morning and yesterday and are sun burnt, we also walked across the bog and up the river with the dogs for a bit and am knackered now lol shes away to bed for a wee while.

Last April was like this and the rest of the summer was a write off I hope this isnt our only nice spell.

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