Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sheana is away

Well Sheana got put on the Dublin bus about 4pm and we had a couple of spots of rain by about quarter past, she really took the weather with her this time it was glorious for the five days she was here most of the days had crystal clear blue skies and the temperature was more like we might have in July or August not March. I'm quite brown. Also got bitten by something which has made my leg swell a bit, my Mom suffers the same way I shall have to remember to get her to take a really good insect repellent she has with her as I havent seen it over here, its actually a skin care product lol.

An old bothy on the river, no not the pic bellow thats Sheana.

I got a lawnmower this week and cut the grass for the first time, its brilliant has a clutch and sort of pulls me along, considering the amount of grass and the price I would have been charged if I got someone in to do it  it was a kind of necesity. Anyway it will keep me fit. Or is the word "get".

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