Saturday, February 25, 2012

4 weeks till sale goes through

Well I got an email confirming retention planning perrmision has been granted so the house sale should be finalized and go through by April :)
I had the offer of 2 VIP tickets to the rugby at Murrayfield (Scotland v France) with food and grog thrown in, for free, but getting there and other expenses made it not viable this weekend unfortunately. I havent had any work since moving in here.
Yesterday was a lovely day with a glimpse of sun and today looks good too, its been a long wet old winter this year, I much prefered last winter with the really low temperatures but sunny dry weather. Anyway plants are sprouting and popping up everywhere here which is awesome and I shall have to invest in a lawnmower within the next few weeks as the grass is starting to grow too. They are expensive but getting someone just to cut the lawns here not even do the edging will cost about 1500 Euros a year and this being Ireland they will probably never come. Ohh there were four ducks on my lilly pond this morning and the heron visits every day too.

Ireland play Italy today and England v Wales and Scotland v France tomorrow so I better get my skates on, have some breakfast and do some work before I sit down and watch those games this afternoon.

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