Friday, March 23, 2012

Jessy to the vet

Well I took Jessy to the vets today at Barna which is past Spiddal where my pal Mark lives, so I dropped in to see him on the way home. Jessy just has some conjunctivitus in her eye but I wanted it checked out just incase it was something worse. Anyway got some eyedrops for her and Mark gave me a few photos from the rugby game we went to in Dublin.

We were seated right at the back in the very topmost seats in the ground

Mark enjoyed the final score more than I did lol

I got a Log Horse to cut my firewood on, they had a choice of two models I really liked the look of the one priced at E299.00 but got the E30 one and I have just chopped about a ton of timber on it since getting home. Its much safer and eassier to use the stand and the wooden one I have weighs a ton and I was fed up carting it round the acreage plus its on its last legs so to speak. I almost forgot to mention that i,m blogging from outdoors in my shorts this afternoon as its sunny and warm, my freind Lynne from Ontario was having a heat wave over there the other day so perhaps this is the same weather system.

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