Friday, February 3, 2012

pond ice

Well the pond stayed covered in ice all day today, it is in the shade right enough. I spent the day with the chainsaw and clearing up branches. One of the bits I cleared is a wee walled garden with about 7 trees in it, my plan is to dismantle part of the wall so it is accessable from more directions, it would be a good spot for a shed or even a wee stable for a donkey or two. It would certainly be handy to have somewhere down there I could leave tools rather than carry them all back up to the house.

Grrrr one of my pet hates is doing a blog only to have the website crash and me lose all my typing, which just happened. Now I have to remember what I was ranting about 20 mins ago, not an easy task, ohh yes Angie has a conference in Paraquay in September and it came up in conversation that she could perhaps change her business class ticket for 2 economy class ones. Now in the past I would have jumped at the chance of visiting somewhere I havent been before but I'm not sure if its my age or the fact that Paraquay is land locked and doesnt have anything on my bucket list ( good movie that btw) but I'd rather go sailing on my boat. Places I would like to go are the Canadian Rockies, I got a taster when I visited Vancouver but would love to cross them by train or road. The Norwegian Fyords and Greek isles would be great and I'd love to visit the Scottish isles on the yacht and some of the places I used to go on the puffer.

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