Monday, February 20, 2012

Nice weather

Well today was lovely weather for a change and it was spent, yes you guessed it, gardening again lol at this rate I will get green fingers. I had gloves on but my hands are still all nicked by brambles. Cut away loads again this weekend and exposed some other nice feature walls, he must have spent ages making all the walls when the garden was made initially and a lot of them have been covered over with bushes. I was lucky not to have got an electric shock the other day as I cut through the power cord of the mulcher. Gus had to have a bath when we finished for the day as he was covered in mud.

I was just watching a show on tv called the biggest loser, it's a show were contestants are put through an excersise , diet regime for 10 weeks and the person to lose the most weight wins, then I saw on the news that a Swedish man was dug out alive after being snowed in to his car on a forest track for two months with no food, police and local media have reported, bet he lost a bit. Can't imagine how his Volvo smells inside either.

There's now a calf here called Xi Jinping, lucky calf ehh. It was named after the Chinesse Vice president who is visiting this week. I wonder how he took the honor.

It was lovely to see the sun today. Angie may have a chance of a trip to melbourne with her work in July for a couple of weeks so that would be nice as she could visit Sydney

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