Friday, February 10, 2012

I,m a lumberjack and I don't care

I wear high heels and an up thrust bra la de da, not I don't it was a song I was remembering, Monty python sketch. John and I have been busy clearing yet more trees and branches, ran power cords down to the other side of the pond and took the mulcher down there today and got rid of some branches. It's starting to look good now.

Have to go to the hospital tomorrow as they want to adjust my ICD so I will have a day off, have to get a new chain for the saw on the way home. Just took the dogs down for a swim and called in for a beer and a couple of games of pool I won 3 -2 :) nice after a hard days graft.

I,m looking forward to the summer and getting the yacht and tinny in the water for some fishing. Today was misty and kinda dreich to say the least.

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