Thursday, February 16, 2012

Employment Benefit Trusts

Glasgow Rangers have entered administration over an alleged £9million owed to HM Revenue & Customs. They are also facing another potential bill of more than £70million after an ongoing inquiry into the use of a tax avoidance device, Employment Benefit Trusts. EBTs allowed foreign stars to have their wages paid into a trust — and then withdraw the money once they were no longer living in Britain. They would then avoid paying the top 50 per cent rate of UK tax. But the taxman has declared that illegal — and claims Rangers' previous owners used the trusts to avoid paying millions of pounds in tax and National Insurance on the player payroll. 8 English clubs are also being looked at for the same thing. If you ask me the whole bally lot of them are paid far too much.

Angie is away to Denmark, left around 0600 this morning, travelled >12 hours today to get there for a meeting tommorow and she wont get home till Friday afternoon. Means I dont have to watch Hercule Poirot and Heartbeat on the tv this evening. I made a wee video clip of the dogs and its on facebook at

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