Friday, February 17, 2012

furniture and banning Angie from the kitchen

Well its one of those drizzly dreich days today, I did two hours clearing debris of a bush I ripped out yesterday and then was "rained off". What I normally do in this instance is to move furniture around so that's exactly what I did today. After discovering last weeks Scallop shells decomposing in a wee fridge? What was she thinking? I have two fridges, one is large and does amply for the two of us and the other just gets put to use if we have visitors or need a beer fridge so its turned off. Angie went and hid the bliddy shells in it for some reason. I cleaned out the refuse bin, the recycle bin and all sorts before I traced it down and POW when I opened the door, so shes banned and will have to walk down the hall instead of taking a short cut through my kitchen sheeeze. LOL.

My office got a bit of a move about. I put the small desk below the window so it is easier to move when the window is getting replaced. When that will be noone knows, my solicitor emailed the other day to see if I had heard anything lol I wrote back and said I was waiting for word from you.

Back to the weather, from my wee weather station there has been  97.5mm rain since the 15th January,max pressure has been 1035.8 Hpa, strongest wind has been 23.5 knts max temp has been 14.9C and min  -2.5C isn't that a handy wee bit of information for you all, to be sure.

I am getting a program called Dreamweaver for website design so will be learning that when it arrives, that may stop me rearanging the bliddy furniture ehh.

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