Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bird nesting box

Well today was bonny and I got a bit done about the garden, made a nesting box for any bird that fancies my carpentry and I got some more firewood chopped. I'm running out of places to store it now I have that much. The wood I cut down today has been dead a while so its ready to burn, to get the logs up from the bottom part of the garden I got one of those gardening bucket things, and use it like a creel so every walk back up from down there means a load of logs are transported. I'd rather have a quad bike with a trailer lol anyway walking with logs is probably healthier and there isnt a track that the bike wouldnt make a quagmire out of anyway.
The breeze is in the NE today which is cold but it has been bright and sunny which is great for a change.

The dogs were flattening the plants on the slope at the patio so I made a wee fence out of bamboo which seems to be working and fenced off a bit of muddy ground below.

It looks a bit sparse around the sides of the pond as we pruned back all the bushes pretty hard but they will green up pretty quickly and it really needed done as they were very woody. Behind the pond there are still lots of trees to be thinned out, by the time I'm done there will be a lot more light coming through from behind, taking the weeds out of the water has lots more light reflecting on the pond too.

Lovely smell of baking bread coming from the kitchen here as I have Moms bread making machine going.

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