Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was hoping to get brambles this year for jam but the crop seems very poor, I'm not sure what the best weather for them is but it hasnt been a wet year so maybe tht has something to do with the small fruit. Angie made chutney a month or so ago and there were still a few jars left over.

My Real Estate bloke has offered to winter my bikes free of charge in his building and also lend me a chainsaw on a pole for pruning those high up branches of which I shall have many lol the pole saw reaches over 30 ft up in the air. I am not really keen on borrowing stuff normally, apart from from Paddy but he is a bit far away now (Australia) anyway I think I will do the man a website for free in way of repayment. Barter rools ok.

The Australian city of Melbourne has beaten Canada's Vancouver to the title of world's most liveable city for the first time in almost a decade. Overall, Australian and Canadian cities did well, capturing seven of the top ten spots. Harare, Port Moresby and Dhaka occupied the bottom of the table. I wonder who does these surveys? I would have thought Sirte may have been up there in the least livable cities considering its a battleground.
Ahh ok Mercer's Quality of Living Survey is released annually, comparing 221 cities based on 39 criteria. New York is given a baseline score of 100 and other cities are rated in comparison. Important criteria are safety, education, hygiene, health care, culture, environment, recreation, political-economic stability and public transportation.The list is important because it helps multi-national companies decide where to open offices or plants and how much to pay employees. That explains why Carraroe didnt get top spot.

Now I enjoyed visiting New York, it was like the Hong Kong of the West, place didnt seem to stop, you could go out at 0300 and buy a pair of Levi's for a song, which is grand if your jetlagged and canny sleep but would i want to live there? na no thanks, like a lot of big cities people seem scared to look each other in the eye when they pass in the street, everything has to be locked up, na not for me.

Toronto came third on the best cities in the world to live in itonly had 10228 assaults and 32 murders so far this year, woopee doo, Oban had one and that was actually a mistake as the guy fell over a sheep.

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Bee said...

Rob - I found your blog by pure chance after looking at other blogs from Galway posters. It's my dream to relocate to Galway and every now and then I torture myself looking at property there. I have been dreaming of the house you have just bought since I first saw it just a few weeks ago and I am delighted that I can follow now what happens!! Best of luck to you both - I'm sure once the brambles are clear there is an absolute gem there!