Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Derrykyle house

Well I always get blinkin lectured about looking at houses for sale here due to Irelands bubble, the Euro and everything but I couldn't resist going to see this house. Its within two miles of Rossaveal which is the port that all the ferries leave from for the Aran Islands, I tried Googling how many visitors go across but all I can get is LARGE numbers of visitors. Its slightly less distance for Angie to travel to work but the roads arent as fast. The Aran Isles have a huge number of bikes for hire but I had a wee thought (imagine a thought bubble at this point) "Hey Rob bikes are allowed on the ferry why not rent them on the mainland so folks can dodge the crowds renting them on the islands"

Anyway back to the 6 acres of brambles here are some of the real estate agents comments, excuse me if I interject my own. "Derrykyle cottage is the former fishing lodge of the late Lord Harrington and is nestled on the most breathtaking 6 acres of stunning landscaped gardens, (Brambles) Already located in an area of natural scenic beauty the gardens were planned and planted with great skill and care over twenty years ago to and have matured beautifully. (Into Brambles) The gardens at Derrykyle are breathtakingly stunning(If you like Brambles) and a pure pleasure to spend time in. They have beautifully matured over 20 years to include several lawned "secret" (Bramble) gardens wonderfully enclosed by numerous (Brambles) shrubs, Oak, Beech and Birch trees.

The spectacular feature pond with mature waterlillies can be viewed from the paved patio area (Between the Brambles) which spans along the elevated rear of the property and incorporates steps to the gardens. Tall mature trees (And Brambles) line several walkways giving access throughout the garden and leading onto the private river bank which border the rear of the gardens". If I were a Real Estate agent I would tell the truth and say "look at one time these gardens were lovely, they need a lot of work but could be lovely again" At least then people coming to view the place wont expect the Chelsea Flower Show. The house is a bungalow built in the early 80's it has a really nice layout and feel but requires new windows and probably a new kitchen and ensuite down the track. There are 2 ensuites a family bathroom and a shower room / toilet. 4 bedrooms a nice size lounge, eat in kitchen, bootroom/ laundry and a garage. I really like it so it will be interesting to see if Angie falls in love with the privacy/ location/ potential.

My dieting is going well I have lost over 4 kg now and I dont THINK about hamburgers with bacon and cheese on a toasted bun and a large portion of well cooked chips please, very often, well actually I do but I shall wait till I have lost 10 kg and treat myself.

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