Monday, August 22, 2011

Weight loss progress

Well I have lost 4.8 kg since starting my dieting which I'm quite pleased with, its like not carrying around an extra five bags of sugar and my ticker should be pleased with the less work I suppose. I'm aiming to lose another 15kg over the next few months, its a high target but the more I lose the more active I get.

I have a real estate agent with the unfortunate name " Conn" hes a large fellow ( a Big Conn) so I had a look on Google, as you do, for people with unfortunate names, there are lots of Dicks out there. Hugh Jass, Andrew Ronald Sidney Hole, Christa Shanda Lear, Hamm Sandwijk, the list goes on, but at this juncture I would like to  thank my Mom and Dad for not giving me the Christian name Conn, or Dick or Notso, Notso Shairp hmmmm yeah deffinately not that.

Its been a nice weekend weather wise we had a drive around Carraroe and Rossaveal area yesterday and found a couple of really nice wee sandy beaches , one is coral and looks like a tropical paradise until you dip your toe in the water lol Its only about 10 miles across to the Aran isles and it was blowing quite hard yesterday but the island protect the coast well and there was hardly any swell running, Isa Ma Bota could make it across in an hour under power on a flat day easy and sailing back with a following wind :) wouldnt take that much longer.

We have to vacate here on the 9th September and we are still not sure where we are going lol all the furniture and boxes are packed and ready to go so all that isnt packed is the Snug, the Bedroom and some of my Office. The grass got cut today maybe another one cut before we move, wooohoo grasscutting isnt my favorite pastime, mind you the smell of cut grass is nice and it always looks better after being done.

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