Thursday, August 11, 2011

moving house, riots

Well we are moving house, shame, but the owners here wouldnt reduce the rent, anyway the new place is a lot cheaper and in a lovely spot, it even has its own wharf. Portacarron is about 3 mins drive out of the village. It has three bedrooms, a bonny garden, a ride on mower and open fires as well as OFCH.

I will have to do some fencing to keep the dogs in and may make a dog run initially, because its on the water no doubt Gus will want to go swimming all day every day. Nothing new there.

The UK riots, “There is no higher purpose, you just have a high volume of people with a history of impulsive behaviour having a giant adventure.” Great for them having their wee adventure just the poor souls that lose their livelyhoods and property that I feel for.


Di said...

Love the look of the place!!! I hope the box-packing is going well. I still have your parcel to pack and send ... I guess you have no expectation of receiving it, based on my previous performance however, on the bright side, I did add a wee bag of chocolate to the other thing. :-)
your most hopeless friend

ml said...

Oh I love the new house!! It is beautiful!! Wondered where you were recently... Sounds just great. When do you move or have you already??/ Love MaRY lOU