Thursday, September 1, 2011


Wow I have had 7090 views of my blog :) hey wait a min 7085 of them were me, not believing I had written that about the Mufti and Sylvester Stalone and going back to check. Blogger has a new interface that shows you stats of visitors ect, all very cute and part of Google's makeover of their products.

Google earths coverage of Derrykyle is pixelated, obviously not enough heads per acre for them to worry about covering it so I downloaded an ordance survey viewer which shows the house and land  from above,498767,727435,7,0 it looks as if I have a bit of water on my land I haven't discovered yet lol I was wondering why they had a 12ft dingy in the garden, thought it was overkill for the lilly pond. Shows how dense the trees are. I'm waiting now for my solicitor to recieve the boundry map and planning documents so I can tee up the surveyor to do his walkthrough then I can find out how for the garden reaches as I really dont know what 6 acres looks like.
Top left is the Costello Fermoyle River, house is among the trees at the right hand side, lilly pond is to the left of the house in the middle of the green area.

Certainly looks like more water to the top left of the grounds ehh. The ordance survey viewer is great I was using it to check out for sandy beaches and in conjunction with the charts for somewhere to anchor for picnics next summer.

I'm starving I thought I would eat early today as Angie is away in England again, but well I'm away doon the road fer a kebab. I've lost 6.5 kg recently so this is a treat.

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ML said...

Congratulations!! That is so hard. Can't wait till you get the house and get moved in!! Mary Lou