Monday, August 22, 2011

House bid is accepted

Well if the survey is ok we have just bought a house on 6 acres :)  The Real Estate agent said he would have bought it himself if he had the cash, lol I wonder if he says that to all his clients. Anyway I'm chuffed to bits as we got it for a fair bit less than the asking price and its going to be absolutely stunning when we have done some work on the house and fixed up the gardens.

Connemara is a really scenic part of Ireland that a large poportion of visitors to Ireland pass through, it is a bit behind when it comes to Internet connectivity, and alot of the bed and breakfasts and businesses dont have websites so I shall be targeting them all. Now I have to foster relations with the locals.
Ohh Rossaveal means the "peninsula of the whale " which is not me as I managed into a pair of trousers I havent been able to fit into for ages this morning.

It will probably be the end of October before we get to move into the house, as buying here takes ages, up to 2 months is quick, and we want to put in hardwood floors and new windows before moving. The house we had in Kurnell was refloored with parquetry and its a major upheaval, I had to move everything outside while they leveled the floor, laid the wood and sanded/ varnished it took about a week longer than they said it would. Thankfully the house had a veranda round it to store things under.


ML said...

Oh I am so glad you got the house and that Angie liked it! It sounds great ...and that you got it for less is even better. And congratulations of the weight loss... but can you tell it in pounds?? The pants sound great. Where will you live till it is ready??

Di said...

OH GOD! So excited for you guys over here. Must rush off and tell Gert. Congratulations!!!!