Saturday, August 13, 2011

boxes, have to love them

Well I saved all the wrapping materials that were used on our move from Australia last year, there was plenty space in this house to save things, I had a whole room sized cupboard under the stairs filled with collapsed boxes and bubble wrap/ cardboard. Most of it has been reused to protect the furniture for this move.

I had a job came in yesterday, kaput laptop that required photos / docs to be saved to a DVD disc, if the drive is accessible its an easy job, I just take the drive out of the laptop and put it in an external hard drive enclosure and usb link it to my PC. The drive was a SATA and the enclosure only had a 4 pin power lead, well I know I have an adapter somewhere, ahh yes its in the top drawer of the filing cabinet OOPS the top drawer has been packed.
Well I moved all the boxes till I found the "top drawer" box and opened it, the adapter wasn't there so I had to open a few more boxes, like 50. Eventually I found it infact as soon as I did I found a second one too, damned if I know how they got in a box labled "Angies socks".

I did another job Yesterday and part of the payment is the use of a cattle float for a week to move my furniture so that saves me renting a truck :) I shall move the boxes and small stuff myself and will get a couple of blokes to help move the big furniture.

I used to have a tidy front room lol.

Another Bog Body has been found human remains found in an Irish bog could be up to 3,000 years old, according to archaeologists.The body, thought to be that of a woman, was discovered by the driver of a turf-milling machine in the bog near Portlaoise.

Football - Scotland : 2 -1 : Denmark, blinkin heck

Rugby - Scotland :10 Ireland 6

Andy Murray, oops lets not mention Andy this week.

I got drenched walking the dogs yesterday which made me google rainfall in Ireland the average in January is 69mm we had 29mm, looking at the rest of the year so far apart for Ferbruary and June its the same story with lot less rain than normal. I was expecting wet and windy weather when I moved here but it has been drier at least.

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