Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buying is such a quandry

I hate renting a home, blinkin landlords and their agents checking you arent wrecking their property. Last night after a few drams we had decided enough is enough we will buy a house we saw in Cregg and if house prices continue to go down well such is life and if we get the place at a good price it could offset any loss. This morning however after doing more research on the state of play Irish consumption is dead and household investment has collapsed. The demise will persist for a long time as the state continues to drain savings and income through taxation and services inflation. Domestic businesses are starved of operating capital, and are in no position to invest as their state and private households customer base is shrinking. Not surprisingly, eight companies per day were going out of business in the first quarter of 2011.The latest data from on asking rents and prices clearly shows that there is some room for continued significant losses in residential real estate. Across all geographies covered in today's report, asking prices continued to fall and these falls are accelerating once again. Nationwide, asking prices are down 5% in three months through June 2011 - the steepest quarterly decline in 18 months. Buying doesnt make sense unless one is inebriated lol.

I woke up this morning with a sore back and it lasted all day, we went for a wee sail and landed on an island beach, the yacht is great for anchoring and tieing up to a tree off the stern and with the walk through stern you can step off into knee deep water. Jessy has really taken to sailing and is happy as Larry on the boat, Gus has to be tied up due to his brain size.

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