Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rabbit Island

Sacha and I had a wee sail out to Rabbit island with the dogs but we didn't land as there was livestock on it, so we selected another island called Devenish and landed there, we discovered a couple of horses that promptly Jessy chased they then turned round and chased Jessy who hid behind us. So we had two horses chasing us and we abandoned Devinish and have renamed it Devilish Island.

We saw a boat surveying the loch and he tied up close to us at Oughterard pier, the man produces a navigational chart for the loch and I have subscribed to it so it was nice to meet the person responsible. I use Garmin Mapsource to view the chart and then printscreen to print myself out portions of it. I'm teaching Sacha how to tie knots today is the good old Bowline or Rabbit, Tree Hole knot, everyone should know how to tie it.

My trailer is still in the garage getting new bearings and brakes when it comes out I shall take the boat down to Rossaveal and maybe across to Kinvara as Angie has a workmate with a yacht down there and we could borrow a mooring. They just called and said it will be Friday now before they get the brakes back.Being Ireland that could well be Friday 29th September 2016.

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