Thursday, July 14, 2011


There were 3 boats at the Inchagoill peir when I dropped Sheana and Sacha off and went back to pick up Angie who took a half day off to come camping with us. We decided to moor stern up to the shore at a wee sheltered bay we found the day before instead of shareing the wharf. It worked out well and we had a wee fire going and the tent up in good time. I dislocated my ancle :( while we were out walking, first time in over a year so I shall have to be carefull with it for the next while. The boat has next to no draught when the ballast is out so you could step off her stern into foot deep water.
Gus woke me up in the middle  of the night and I put him ashore he promptly went for a swim then woke everyone up barking, he was tied to a tree and seemed to settle down for about an hour before waking us up again, so everyone is tired today.

The weather has turned poor and the forecast isn't good for the next few days.

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