Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well we had a great walk up to Mamean the 12 Bens of Connemara stood high and handsome behind us across the Inagh Valley, Bencorr in front, with Beanna Beola and Benbaun peeping over her shoulders. Ahead, the slopes of Binn Mhór and Binn Mhairg cradled the rising path, their quartzite rock glinting dully as cloud shadows brushed through, now gleaming dazzlingly as sunlight struck across. Yawn oops sorry I felt vaugly poetic there for a second. Up at the pass stood a tiny chapel, an altar and the cave-like recess called St Patrick's Bed. A statue of the saint brooded over the path, a sheep at his heels. Had the good shepherd Patrick once walked these slopes, blessed the holy well nearby and slept in the cave? Many down the centuries thought and felt that he had, and they forged a pilgrim path to the pass, with its breathtaking views over the Inagh and Maam valleys.

My long time pal Di took some awesome shots today and we are all jiggered after all our walking.

At one point we stopped the car to take a few pics of a donkey and a horse that were in a field beside the road, they promptly trotted over and tried to get into the front seat of the car.

I really like these two shots of Jessy too as I find her hard to photo

Was  good day

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Pam said...

Beautiful...sounded like a fun trip!