Tuesday, July 26, 2011

home made pizza

Angie and Sacha made home made pizza and fresh fruit salad last night, the pizzas were made from scratch ie the base as well and had everything from prawns and anchovies green and red capsicum onion tom paste, toms, pastrami, motzarella, chedar, ham, and Basil.

Today Di and Gert headed off after breakfast and Sach and I went into town to pick up some spare parts, we went fishing when we got back and then made a cake so its been busy again, they have a huge amount of energy at 11 ehh.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the pizza making sounds great!! And it is so good to see a great picture of
Angie and Sacha... What a lovely boy he is!
So nice to be able to comment finally!!!And glad you all had such a wonderful time!!
Mary Lou