Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finland Rusland launch and maiden voyage

We built launched and sailed the Finland Rusland today on Loch Corrib, it was a success as she floated, albeit a bit low in the water, unfortunately her name stickers came off.

I got a call to say my boat trailer was ready for collection, 500 euros sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze they know how to charge. Apparently the brakes had to be sent away to be relined and when they came back they had to be changed or something, and the bearings shattered on extraction (a bit like my voice when he said 500)

Sacha's Mom and Dad come back from Ibiza tomorrow and Sheana will come across to pick him up on Sunday I think the two of them leave on Wednesday it will be quiet here after he goes, my wee sis had 5 bairns and her youngest is still only nearly 5, I think secretly she may be a sadist putting herself through 5 but don't say anything and for goodness sake don't put it on the Internet Robert, oops too late.

My iphone has various new applications on it namely Tap zoo (wakes me up at 0235 to tell me the lion has mated)  Pet hotel which seems to take an eternity to load and uses battery like it was going out of fashion , Tiny tower and Stickbo (shootemup or stick them with a large knife ) I had top buy a new car charger for it as I was leaving Sacha in the car if I was at a job and it kept going flat.

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