Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fishing Belgian style

We went fishing today which was a blast, Gert nearly got hauled into the water by his fish he then tried lumberjacking using a rod and hook rather than chainsaw, after demolishing three trees we were chased off by a conservation department official. We then tried fishing from the boat where he harvested half the weed in Loch Corrib.

My fish required all four of us to pull to the bank and small trees were uprooted as it thrashed around

I hate my picture taken as I am heaps overweight and have about as much hair as Friar Tuck infact I'm thinking of Holy orders, but if anyone can take my pic its my pal Di, she also is camera shy and didnt want me to post one of her on here but I whinged and whined and played up untill she said ok I could.

I loved the shot Di took of Jessy and gus today

I had a shot of her Canon Eos 5D mark 2 and 70 to 200 lens :) and got a nice pic of Sacha

And Di took some great ones yesterday

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I can write on this finallyh!
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