Friday, July 8, 2011


Well it was Angies Mums 80th today so she got taken out for lunch, there were bets laid as to what she would order, salmon was odds on and right enough she was true to form. Her flowers were put on display in the lounge room of the care home so that everyone could enjoy them or to tease the other ladies :)

Was a nice day weather wise for the Links golf which was held here at the castle stuart course " The course should elicit anticipation and hopefulness in players" is quoted from their speel who the heck are they kidding its GOLF!!!! mind you on retrospect I used to hope I would hit the ball when I did my air swings with eyes closed. Before breaking my arm I used to be hopeful about 20  rounds a year,  at an average of 720 shots a game thats a lot of hopes.

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