Thursday, August 6, 2009

London airport

Its great all this free wifi, encourages me know end to blog away, so whats been happening since I blogged last? Well I've travelled 5995 miles or 9648 Kilometres about 5000 miles of which i was in blissfull logland untill rudely awakened by buisness class shaking violently, it wasnt a mechanical failure or bad weather but Angie laughing at Dara O Brien in the next seat. No Dara wasn,t on board it was on a show that was playing.

It was bonny coming into London with only high clouds and a red sunrise but someone must have told the old guy upstairs as its peeing cats and dogs out there now, whats new ehh.

A swarm of deadly tropical jellyfish has washed into chillier climes. The Portuguese Man o'War jellyfish have already been found in Cornwall and now they are appearing on beaches in Pembrokeshire. Welcome England to what we have to watch out for in Australia some parts anyway.

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