Monday, August 3, 2009

day 2

We had a level 1 typhoon warning this afternoon after a 38C sunny day which has left me pink as ussual. After lightning and rain this last half hour or so it looks like its starting to clear up again it will be interesting to see how much things have cooled off outside as it was stifling today.
I'm sitting here with my feet on the window sill looking out on a Hong Kong skyline that takes a lot to believe, Hong Kong has 106 buildings that stand taller than 180 metres (591 ft). The tallest building in Hong Kong is the 88-storey Two International Finance Centre, which was built in 2003 and stands 415 metres (1,362 ft) tall. There is a new building going up just acroos the bay from the hotel here that looks about the same height, I cant imagine working the crane on the top of that new building I'm high enough here on floor 8.

The “People’s Republic of China, was the first place in the world created by God, otherwise known as Chuck Norris. China is known as “birthplace of everything”. Everything was invented in China first, including the Television, Internet, Bad Driving, Toilets, Paper, Cheese, Industrial Pollution, kem chi, Mexicans, Existance, Bird Flu, SARS, Heterosexuality, Gunpowder, Astronauts, Jews, Bill G8S, Dan Dan Mian and CCTV. You name it, they invented it before anyone else. (Except homosexuality which was invented in 10th Century BC by Dioxippus Alcaeus, a Greek paleontologist and architect. Compare the population of both countries for a hint). Ohh and swine flu which 3% of the population are wearing masks to protect themselfs from.

I have been learning some handy Chineese on my visits to the Peak and on the star ferry today

Ai Bang Mai Ne: Ibu.mped into the coffee table
Chin Tu Fat: You need a face lift
Gun Pao Der: An ancient Chinese invention
Hu Flung Dung: Which one of you fertilized the field?
Hu Yu Hai Ding: We have reason to believe you are harboring a fugitive
Jan Ne Ka Sun: A former late night talk show host
Kum Hia: Approach me
Lao Ze Sho: Gilligan’s Island
Lao Ze: Not very good
Lin Ching: An illegal execution
Moon Lan Ding: A great achievement of the American space program
Ne Ahn: A lighting fixture used in advertising signs
Shai Gai: A bashful person
Tai Ne Bae Be: A premature infant
Tai Ne Po Ne: A small horse
Ten Ding Ba: Serving drinks to people

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