Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Leg 2 starts off 1st class

Well I'm sitting in the 1st Class lounge in Hong Kong airport thanks to Angies Platinum frequent fliers card, I think downloading great plane disaster movies from utube and playing them loud on my laptop may outnoise the four screaming kids whos Mom seems to be adverse to corperal punishment that are sitting across from us here, I really hope they are in 1st class on the plane.

Today was wet and humid and we had to fill in the day finding airconditioned spaces as we were thrown out of the hotel at 1200. I almost forgot to pick up the new suit in the end.

Benson, Englands most popular fish, is dead :( the carp weighed in at a huge 64lb 2oz. and died at 26 yrs old. She was caught over 60 times by anglers.Benson's final resting place will be near the lake she loved - she is to be mounted and put in the lodge for all those on guided tours to see and admire. The wake will be attended by Donald the dogfish, Mike the maceral and Tammy the tuna

Theres a really large black lady waiting in the economy section, you know with the rest of the peasants, lol that will be me on the HK to Sydney leg on the way back anyway I just casually asked Angie if she thought all the women in her tribe would be her size , she said she didnt know so I said maybe we could stop off in Birmingham on the way North.

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