Wednesday, August 5, 2009

day 2 level 3 warning

It sounds a bit like a progression in a video game "day 2 Level 3" anyway it meant rain and wind and temps down to about 30 C which wasnt bad when you were in the wind but was stifling when out of it.

We visited the tailor for round two and then went to Aberdeen Harbour which is well blog worthy, The Jumbo Floating Restaurant was established in October 1976 after four years and over HK$30 million were spent to design and build it. It was originally decorated in the style of an ancient Chinese imperial palace. In 2000, two tugboats brought one of the floating barges from the Aberdeen Harbour to the mouth of the Manila Bay, and was rebranded as the Jumbo Kingdom Manila. Much of the original ancient Chinese imperial palace style renovation has been retained. The Jumbo Floating Restaurant recently went through a major multi-million dollar refurbishment which transformed it into a theme park on the sea which includes dining, shopping, sightseeing and cultural attractions. The thing is they forgot to renovate the back of it, Front of the Jumbo Resteraunt with paint

Back of the Jumbo Resteraunt which reveals it to be Yes not a Magical Emperors Palace but a collection of well used containers stacked on top of each other connected with ladders.

It was an insight to see Sampans, like the wee one we got a tour round the harbour in , alongside multi million dollar mo
tor cruisers. All the fishing fleet were alongside so there were all sorts of boats not many would I fancy being at sea on in any weather even the well found boats have no safety gear or anything I think I may have found the source for all those vessels that appear in Australia full of refugees.

After we found a second Tailor, which wasn't a hard feat, and Angie got measured up we went back to the hotel and jumped in the pool.

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