Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tortoise and some Spring colour

Well I should be out mowing the grass as its dry today but I had a wander round with the camera instead to catch some of the spring colour. I had spent a couple of hours carving the tortoise and another two stacking wood so the grass can wait a wee while yet. Angie is away tomorrow until Saturday evening so I will have plenty time if the weather stays half decent to get the grass cut. I was thinking as I was chipping away at the stump how the sculpture will last but the grass will only look good for a couple of days before it needs done again.

Another couple of days and some soil over the bottom part of the stump and he should look ok. 

Another couple of woodpiles below, I haven't got my new shed roof on yet but need a hand with that so am waiting till Alan comes to visit I think.

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