Monday, May 19, 2014

The bear and the frog

Well my electric cables wouldn't reach down to the bottom of the pond where the bear was so I moved him so I could do a bit more work on him with the grinder sanding disc lol so now he is in the front garden and there are three sculptures lol my modernist take on wildlife sculpture. One is meant to be a frog one a tortoise and the other a bear see if you can guess which is which and no cheating, don't read the text below the photo.

I'm meant to be a bear
Apparently I'm a frog
I think the guy who carved me needs glasses as a tortoise looks somewhat different to me.
You may have noticed there is no fresh soil around about, that's cos Keith was busy this last week hopefully it is coming tomorrow evening and I can spread it and get some grass seed down.
It was torrential rain last night and the culverts blocked so the lawn was awash this morning and the pond overflowing but I cleared them and all is back to normal apart from some debris over my nicely cut lawn. Ohh well it will need done again in a few days Rob so don't panic.
Not much else in the way of news here, John seems to be recovering well and Alan is coming on Tuesday to look after him for a week or so, then hopefully he is coming up here to do my list of jobs I need a hand with ( rebuilding walls and roof erection and chopping ohh yes lots of chopping, will be good for him).

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