Friday, May 16, 2014

Get that strimmer !!

My dogs love the day I spend trimming the grass or weed whacking as its called in Aus, they go crazy over the machine dancing around its path trying to bite it and barking as loud as they can. Thankfully there are no neighbours to annoy, no close ones anyway and I wear my logging helmet with the ear protection and visor so I'm in my own wee whacking world, you knew that already ehh?
Anyway they get so clarted with bits of weed and mud because they go sit in the water culverts leading down to the pond to cool off between exertions that I have to take them for a swim after I finish.
The last owner must have been thinking about breeding trout or eels or something as he made some big ponds down at the bottom of my property and they are deep enough for the dogs to get a good swim in without disturbing the bottom, at the moment they are outside in the sunshine drying off absolutely exhausted.
My left foot, the good one is sore, I have Achilles tendonitis in that heel now so am giving the road walking, jumping, stretching exercises a bit of a break to see if it comes good, no doubt the physio will complain but its not her limping and in pain.
A couple of goats would be the go here, and an electric fence I could cordon them off with, mind you I would probably give myself a belt from the fence and turn off the defibrillator or something so I guess I will have to keep spending the time weed whacking and pushing the lawnmower about.

Ok what's on the to do list now hmmmm ohh I started on a crocodile carving, its huge, I'm thinking of making an articulated body with rings of wood I have cut, gradually decreasing them till I get to the tail. The head is looking good but I need the grinder and sander to round off the teeth and that and it is miles from the house so I have to use all the extension leads I have to get down there, maybe I will do some more work on the bear while I have the tools and power there. Who knows.

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