Friday, May 16, 2014

Irish hamburgers almost as good as the pollies here

Well it was a lovely day here today, I'm quite burnt this evening. Spent this morning (about 5 hrs) cutting my lawns and to celebrate getting them all cut I decided to treat myself to a sail. Wind was just perfect for my boat, light breezes, and I had a nice wee sail around the bay, I actually sailed right back to within 20 foot of my berth before starting the engine and furling the headsail, wee touch astern and all fast, perfect boat handling as is my way.
Decided a beer was in order on the way home and stopped at a takeaway for a hamburger and chips seeing Angie isn't here to complain. The hamburger was woeful so bad in fact I ignored it completely and gave it to Gus, I then proceeded to make a proper one like they have in Australia, none of this plastic cheese, cardboard burger and long life bun, the sort of thing that can sit in the fridge for 24 weeks and be as fresh as it was when bought. Nope I had some lean mince, onions, an egg, lettuce, real cheddar, beetroot and fresh bread, even made up my own barbi sauce with tomato sauce, teriyaki, Dijon mustard and a wee bit honey it was lush and I got sauce all over my chin.

The Irish government is almost as good as the Irish hamburger but my dog wont have a bar of them, Lots of TV commercials at the moment on the lead up to the elections. Well we did the austerity thing for you over the last three years, you took all our savings, made half the country emigrate to the great hamburger land and taxed everything under the sun. You made woeful decisions and deals behind the publics back, corruption is rife in politics as well as the Gaurda so its time for change, say bye bye to your cosy burrow Mr Rabbitte.

John was getting out of hospital today after his stem cell replacement and consequent isolation until his blood count and immune system recovered so I shall have to call him and see how he is, he was going to bin his three pairs of pyjamas the last I heard as they had a hard time of it. Hope he is feeling well.

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